European Team Cups 2011 in Belgium
Mar 1, 2011

Dear members,

FEQHA is very proud to invite you for the European Team Cups, which will take place in Lier; Belgium on July 16-17., 2011. As agreed in our meeting last August the Amateur Team Cup and the Youth Team Cup will take place during the same weekend. This will give the total show more riders and critical mass. Please find enclosed two separate invitations: One for the Amateur Team Cup and one for the Youth Team Cup. The invitations are almost similar, but a few differences are also present. For example, please be aware, that there will be up to 3 entries per class per team in the amateur competition, whereas the youth teams can have up to 3 entries in each class except Western Riding and Reining where the maximum is 2 entries.

Please see all the details in the specific invitations. Dead line for your entry form submission including payment is April 30. Responsible for sending the entry forms are the national coaches and/or associations.

For you planning purposes, FEQHA will as promised also invite you to an open AQHA approved point giving show. The show will be called The FEQHA International Challenge Show, it will be double judged, and it will take place on Friday July 15., 2011. The show will take place on the same show ground as the European Team Cups, and since it will take place one day prior to the Team Cups, your participants in the Team Cups can use it as a warm up in certain classes and/or take the opportunity to earn AQHA points in a double judged show.

Specific invitations for The FEQHA International Challenge Show has been sent out separately. They included program and entry form, which every individual rider will have to fill in like in any other open point giving and AQHA approved show.

We are looking forward to your countries participation and to meeting you this summer in Lier!


With best regards

Poul Haukrog Møller