FEQHA Annual General Meeting
Jan 31, 2016



The Federation of European Quarter Horse Associations (FEQHA) has had its Annual General Meeting held in Frankfurt on 31 January, 2016.

The General Meeting has made decisions on the following items.

  • The nominators who paid their fees in full but didn’t show up or left the showground get 50 % of all fees on the invoice except stable fees back.
  • All nominators who did not pay their fees, get the possibility to pay up to the 28. February 2016 (deadline) the full stable fees and only 50% of the other fees. If the payment isn’t made to the deadline legal steps will be taken and a notification will be sent to AQHA.
  • The General Meeting has re-elected the Board of FEQHA.
  • The French Quarter Horse Association (AFQH) offered to organize the 2017 Youth and Amateur Team Cup. The General Meeting approved it and granted the rights to AFQH to organize it.


Frankfurt, 31 January 2016