European Championships 2016
May 14, 2016


Important information:

Ride The Pattern

Last year, “Ride the Pattern” at the European Championship of American Quarter Horses with AQHA steward and judge Butch Carse was very well received by participants. This year, stewards are continuing to help participants by giving them advice. During the “Ride the Pattern” workshops, skilled participants perform the patterns of disciplines such as  Western Horsemanship, Showmanship at Halter and Hunt Seat Equitation. Butch Carse then uses these performances to explain to interested participants what criteria the judge is looking for. In addition to this, AQHA judge Ricky Bordignon offers a workshop in Ranch Riding. Novice riders, youth and amateurs can take part in these “Ride the Pattern” workshops for free. Dates will be announced by the show office on short notice.

Dear participants,

dear friends,

Please find in the following important EC information such as announcement, nomination form and stable order . Moreover, the entry form is available for download.

NEW: Please find below the cutting entry form.

Important information: We offer a FEQHA Youth Booster at the European Championship of American Quarter Horses: Each youth exhibitor will receive a 70,00 Euro voucher for a stall of their choice except for the luxury stalls. (One stall per exhibitor only.)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the persons in the nomination form.

We are looking forward to a great show and seeing you soon!

New version of entry form available here:

pdf-file Announcement 27th_European_Championship.pdf

pdf-file Ausschreibung 27th_European_Championship.pdf

pdf-file EM 2016 Stable Order.pdf

pdf-file EM 2016 Nennung Entryform.pdf

pdf-file Nennformular EM Cutting 2016 Kreuth aktuell.pdf