Shows in Europe during the European Championships
Mar 3, 2011

Dear members

Most of you will probably remember a decision made by our member states at the meeting in Stuttgart May 29 last year. You will find the decision in the minutes from the meeting.

The decision I refer to is the one stating that FEQHA ask AQHA not to approve any other AQHA shows in Europe during the time of the European Championships for American Quarter Horses. This means for all practical purposes no approval of other shows during approximately 2 weeks every August.

At the meeting it was discussed whether to allow all novice shows, but the members wanted a clean cut focus on the European Championship not allowing any other type of AQHA shows, and the vote was very clear with 11 votes in favour versus 2 against.

We are now in the phase, where the FEQHA Executive Committee together with AQHA is executing the decision made by our members. In this process we are being confronted with a few organisers from around Europe who indicate they have not been made aware of the decision.

We would therefore kindly urge you to once again secure all potential show organisers in your country are very well aware of the decision that no European AQHA shows will be approved if they are colliding with the dates of the European Championships.

By doing this you will save the people within AQHA as well as FEQHA who are dealing with the execution a lot of time and discussions.

Thanking you all in advance with best regards

Poul Haukrog Møller