European Amateur and Youth Team Cup 2017
Jul 17, 2017

European Youth & Amateur Team Cup 2017 Le Pin, France


The 2017 AQHA Youth and Amateur European Team was held in Le Pin, France at the facility of Parc Equestre Francilien. 9 countries were  presenting 15 teams altogether.

The show venue was located near Paris with all the necessary conditions to have a fantastic show.  The nicely shaded middle was surrounded by three indoor arenas to have plenty of room to prepare and show.

The organizers of the Team Cup, the French Quarter Horse Association led by Simon Manceau have done a very good job to have everything in place for the competitors.  The event experienced a warm mood with a lot of enthusiasm throughout the days.  We have  seen great performances by  the horses and their riders, a fantastic spirit of sport and a sense of team work.  Not only among the individual teams members, but along the teams themselves.  As in previous years, the stables were also awarded, where a tie happened between France and Germany.  Both of them won…

We need to thank first of all the organizers, the French Quarter Horse Association for their initial dedication to have two events in consecutive years and for the hard work they put into the preparation and running the show.

We would like also to thank everybody who took time and effort to come here, all the competitors, coaches, team leaders and parents who helped their riders to be here and take part in the event.

Congratulation to everyone!

Results Amateur Team Cup:

1 Germany
2 Switzerland
3 Italy

Results Youth Team Cup
1 Germany
2 Denmark
3 Italy


Dr. Csaba Andrew Dren

FEQHA President