FEQHA Announcement
Feb 8, 2018

FEQHA Official Communication

The Federation of European Quarter Horse Associations (FEQHA) has held its Annual General Meeting in conjunction with AQHA EU Summit in Zurich on 4 February, 2018
The agenda included discussions on  current and future status of European Championships and bi-annual Amateur and Youth Team Cup and election of the new Board.
The co-organization of the two meeting helped to strenghen the ties between the mother organization, the AQHA and the Affiliates.

A new Board has been elected:

Andrew Dren - President
Marco Stors -Vice- President
Konrad Sosna -  Treasurer

FEQHA wants to thank AQHA for organizing this event,  AQHA President Mr. Ralph Seekins and International Chief Official Dr. Anna Morrision and her team for working hard and efficiently to have the European Affiliates as strong allies and partners of AQHA the Studbook of Origin of all American Quarter Horses!

FEQHA also would like to express a special thanks to Mr. Markus Muller and his organization the Swiss Quarter Horse Association for organizing this great event.  It was organized professionally and we are looking forward to come back anytime!


Dr. Csaba Andrew Dren
Marco Stors
Konrad Sosna