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EC 2020
May 9, 2020


Please see below the statement of the FEQHA Board of having to cancel the EC 2020.


European Championships for American Quarter Horses 2020 cancelled due to the Corona virus pandemic

The FEQHA Board as well as the European Championships Steering Committee have carefully followed and monitored the development of the Corona virus pandemic on the European continent as well as the EU and national authority response to it.


It was for a long time the hope that it would be possible to organize the championships in Kreuth, Germany in August, but the re-opening of the countries in Europe is a slow and complicated process which according to the majority of countries still will take some months. Furthermore, there is still a risk that re-opening schedules will be put on hold should the number of contaminated patients increase again.


After discussions with and input from the Steering Committee and the American Quarter Horse Association, the FEQHA  Board today decided to cancel the European Championships 2020 for American Quarter Horses.


The main reasons for the decision are 3 aspects.


  1. The safety of all humans involved is the top priority, and according to authorities the risk is still too high.
  2. Several European countries have already announced that their borders will still be closed at least until end August 2020. This means that there will be participants from FEQHA member states which will be prohibited from participating. Consequently, we cannot any longer call it a European Championships.
  3. Many countries – including Germany are skeptical and still do not know whether an event of this magnitude will be allowed to take place in August at all. It is therefore not possible for the organizers to execute a financial responsible show.


It goes without saying that the Board regrets to have to cancel the championships, but it is at this point the only responsible thing to do. We will now be looking forward and come back stronger in 2021 with an attractive 2021 version of the show.


May 9, 2020


Andrew Dren                                                                                               Marco Stors

President                                                                                                    Vice president