First Go round in Working Cowhorse
Aug 15, 2010

Gerold Dautzenberg wins Amateur, Maik Bartmann Junior Open

Senior Cowhorse won by Philipp Martin Haug resp. Gerold Dautzenberg

Three beautiful Working Cowhorse classes with top rides ended the first day oft he European Championship at Kreuth. The Amateur was dominated by Lights R Red and Gerold Dautzenberg (AUT) with Beat This Enterprise and Jeanine Burkart placing second and Smart Rip and Gerold Dautzenberg placing third. 

Smart Rip and Gerold Dautzenberg also won the Senior Cowhorse with judge Dave Young. Nic It With Buc and Joakim Petterson placed second, A Smarty Pants and Philipp Martin Haug third. The latter won Show 1 (judge Gary Roberts). Pocos Smartin and Arno Gorgasser placed second, Freckles Miss Olena and Pattrick Sattler third. 

Great success for Maik Bartmann in Junior Cowhorse: with Action Please je won both shows. Missis Magic Potion and Christoph Seiler placed second, PS Top Luck and Arno Gorgasser resp. Sheza Freckled Flo and Philipp Martin Haug third.