News from the FEQHA Executive Committee, January 2011
Feb 15, 2011


Dear all

Here at the beginning of 2011 the FEQHA Executive Committee is in the process of working on the projects we agreed on at our meeting last August in Kreuth. Here is a short status on some of our work.

1.       European Youth Cup and Amateur Cup in Belgium

Most focus at this point has the Euro Cups which you will remember takes place in Belgium. The venue will be in Lier between Brussels and Antwerp; we have got the wanted and previously used timing centered on the weekend 16-17. July and we are as agreed also looking into the opportunity of organizing a single judged show in parallel with the cups in order to make it possible for interested participants to earn AQHA points.

Next Tuesday Konrad Sosna and I will meet with Marcel Vangenechten to do a site visit and to discuss the final planning and we expect to be able to send formal invitations including detailed information to all countries around February 1.

2.       Survey on FEQHA Vision and Mission

We have got questionnaires back from a lot of countries. Currently we are going through everything. Next step is to discuss the findings with AQHA and we plan to present results and recommendations for all of you at our meeting April 9 in Aschaffenburg.

3.       FEQHA Website

As you know the Executive Committee terminated the collaboration with Wittelsbürger last autumn. It all took place in good faith and right now a new site is under development. We expect to have it up and running before end February.

4.       European Championships in Kreuth 2011

The Executive Committee had a brainstorm and feedback meeting with some participants on December 11 in Denmark. We got a lot of constructive ideas to further develop the championships as from the next event in August this year. We will decide late this month on the specific changes and communicate these to the public arena.

5.       Youth World Cup 2012

The advisory board had a meeting in October and specific negotiations are currently going on. The advisory board will make a status in February, and I expect to be able to give this status at the AQHA Convention in Dallas early March.

The Executive Committee has planned its next meeting January 27. Here it will go through all projects and activities to secure progress in them. Regarding major meetings I presume the majority of us will meet at the AQHA Convention in Dallas March 4-7. Please also remember our next FEQHA meeting, which will take place at the DQHA headquarters in Aschaffenburg (close to Frankfurt) April 9 at 13.00 hours.


With best regards

Poul Haukrog Møller