Amateur Team Cup 2008

FEQHA Amateur Cup moves from Czech Republic to the Ostbayernhalle in Kreuth

First results

Because of special veterinary requirements for horses entering the  
Czech Republic the Amateur Cup, planned to take place at Jirak Quarter  
Horses next to Pilsen, had to be moved to another location. From the  
beginning of this year the Czech government requires a Coggins test  
for all horses entering the Republic. Only the teams from Italy and  
Czech Republic were able to provide a proof that their horses have  
been tested.

The co-organising Czech Quarter Horse Association had done all that  
was necessary in preparations of the show to ensure its execution.  
After the problem has occurred the showmanagement did everything in  
their means to find a solution for this situation, but state  
veterinarian did not allow for the show to take place and the  
concerned teams had to leave the Czech Republic. Luckily the  
management of the riding facility in Kreuth accepted to host the event  
and thus the Amateur Cup was saved. A special thank goes to all to the  
teams, they showed a very sportive attitude in handling this situation

FEQHA thanks the CZQHA association and Jirak Quarter Horses for their  
engagement and efforts dedicated to the preparation of the show and  
looks forward to a future co-operation.

European Amateur Cup 2008 - Teams
This is the team of Czech Republic.
Michal Petlan, horse Skip the Splash Amos
Ivana Pohlova, NA Golden Queen
Olga Kadlecova, Stormy Johns
Marketa Zezulkova, Smart Maky Lena
Helena Cesalova, Dannys Dark Rose.

Team coach:
Marcela Chejnova

Team of Switzerland
Tanja Horak - With Hightech
Barbara De Wit - Heza Lopin Jesse
Giuliana Cassani  - QHV Blazing Gold
Beatrice Siegenthales - Chutem up Bonnie

Team coach: Ben Fisher

Team of Italy
Roberta Gianformaggio - Gay Honky Tonk
Miriam Giraudini - CPR Blazing Calla
Anna Omodeo - A New Intrigo
Giuud Malcangio - Hes A Natural Kat
Christina Cozzo - Page n Machine

Team of Denmark
Maria Gandloese
Camilla Aarenstrup Nielsen
Pernille Hejner
Helle Skafte
Marissa Dawson Magnussen

Team coach: Anja Eriksen
Team Manager: Steen Aarenstrup Nielsen

The Belgian Team consists of

1. Jessy Goossens
2. Desmond Breukers
3. Safia Steele
4. Carine Jacobs
5. Chloë Shaw-Jackson
6. Marie-France D'Hondt

Team Coaches are Cedric Leroux and Annemarie De Pauw, Team manager is Marcel Vangenechten

The German Team consists of

1. Stefanie Becker and PEPONITAS LAST CHEX 
2. Matthias Gräber and AWESOME TOPSAIL SOCKS 
3. Nili Siebler and ZIPPA FLASH 
4. Indra Wilhelm-Girsig and ZIPPOS FREE FLIGHT
5. Silke Woitaschek and CEE TARIS SUNSHINE 

Team manager is Jochen Frank.


Each European Affiliate including Israel can send a team of at least three and at most five members. Nations that cannot form a team may send individual riders. 
Three riders of each team have to compete in each discipline (exception: Reining and Western Riding - where only two members must ride):


* There are no AQHA points, the the results will be part of the AQHA show record.

* There are medals for the first three places of each class
* The top ten riders will get points from 10 to 1, the best rider receiving ten points, the tenth one point
* Adding all the points received by all the members of a team will make the final result 
* Each team will be awarded a trophy for competing
* Each winner plus the Allaround Champion will receive a buckle
* The members of the winning team will receive a special buckle each
* The top three teams will be awarded trophies 
* AQHA rules apply, the show will be judged by two AQHA judges
* The show is organized by FEQHA. All members of the teams must be AQHA members and members of their Affiliate.